Having someone outside your bubble coming over is something stressful. e are here to make this experience the less stressful possible.

We are providing in-home services for those in need and we require everyone present during the consultation to wear a mask. This is to protect you, ourselves, and those who we will see after you.

How to prepare for the consultation? We will need the following.

  1. Choose the room where the consultation will take place.
  2. Reserve a solid surface area to place the scale as we will weigh your baby twice, during the consultation.
  3. Have the vaccination booklet at hand as I will need some information from there.
  4. Dress your baby with one piece of clothing easy to remove and place back after the weight.
  5. Space feed at least 2h before the appointment time as it is important to see a full feed.
  6. Have your feeding records at hand.
  7. If your baby is struggling with weight gain, we will ask you to download the app “Growth” and insert all the weights written in the vaccination booklet and send us the final graphic with all the weights recorded in the graphic.


The visit will last 1.5h. During this time, we will ask you for further detailed information that will allow us to identify other problems that you think are not important.

Then we will do a physical exam on you and your baby and weigh the baby before. Lastly, we will observe the full feed.

We will be talking throughout the consultation and information will be provided. No worries, no need to bring that notebook or a pen, we will give you access to our personal library and we will write down a personalized care plan that will allow you to regroup and ensure the long-desired breastfeeding experience.

See you soon!

Rosa Zamudio Inf, IBCLC former MW.
SOS Maman