F . A . Q .

We know that breastfeeding could be troublesome for new parents. Please read below! ♥

Frequent Asked Questions

CoVid19 precautions

Precautions are still in place. If you have 2 dosis of Covid19 you may not need to wear a mask. 

For your comfort and as a precaution, we will be wearing a mask during the visit time.

Electronical Records

We care for the environment, for this reason we partner up with Google-GSUITE.

For this reason, it is important that you use a Gmail account to be able to access our handouts 24h/7d.

We want your experience to be easy, accessible and without surprises!


Our experience has taught us that most of the problems are related to a DELAYED consult.

We want you to have the most accurate information in order to correct the problem without delay.

Our goal is to ensure a safe and problem free breastfeeding experience. Call us! ♥


We take your privacy seriously. Our new Electronical records allow us to communicate in a safe and secure way. Hacker free!!

Download the “WhatAapp” app and talk to us!!

Cycle of visits

We prefer to reserve a minimun of 2 visits per cycle in order to ensure close follow-up and/or readjustment of care plan.

If you present multiple issues, we recommend you to discuss with the LC prior booking your next appointment. ♥

Method of payment

Payment must be made prior reservation of visit or at arrival time. **Make sure you fill-out our INTAKE form**


1. At the moment of first booking, a payment via Credit card payment will be made via STRIPE. (50% fee required)

2. After the visit, send an e-transfer to info@lactationmamancigogne.ca with the outstanding fee. 

Will I obtain a receipt?

YES!. We are working with GSUITE and STRIPE!

All our receipts will be submitted electronically, after our visit. If new extra charges are to be applied, this will be discussed during the consult.

Make sure you fill out the subscription form. ♥

Are the LC services covered by insurance?

Our receipts are INSURANCE FRIENDLY!

We are recognized as “NURSING fees” (Frais d’INFIRMERS).

We encourage you to call your insurer and find out the coverage. (Usually is 80%).

Is there an age limit for a consultation?


An LC is trained to solve all breastfeeding problems that may arise.

As long as your problems are related to breastfeeding you can look for a Lactation consultant. Call Us! ♥

Location of our services

Our services are at the privacy of your own HOME or at our office. 

We must observe a feed to be able to identify the problem and then develop an action plan.

Why do I pay a Transport fee?

In order for us to go to your home, we require a BOOB-MOBIL that is tune-up and ready to fly! 🙂

This fee is applicable to Home visits locat  . Fee: $ 0.6 /km BOTH ways.

>>See google maps in contact forms.

Do I need to KEEP my referral to a BF-clinic after I contact you?

YES! It is important to keep your appointment.

After our evaluation, we will tell you whether or not it is necessary.

It is important to cancel this appointment when no longer needed. All clinics have a waiting list of 2-4wks.

Virtual Prenatal classes

The class is 5h long and can be divided in 2 session.

Private classes can be adjusted to your needs. 


Virtual Breastfeeding classes

The class is 3h long and can be divided in 2 session.

Private classes can be adjusted to your needs. 


Who can be present during this class?

Each class is given to 2 people (client and partner). 

We ask you to not record any part of the class.  ♥

Do I need to fill out the subscription form?

Yes!. You will find the link on your confirmation email. Please see your junk mail folder.

It is important to fill out this form completely 24 h prior to your appointment’s date. If not received, your appointment will be cancelled.

How long the visit last?

First visit is 1.5h long and follow ups are 60 min.

Each visit requires a short period of questions to understand the situation and/or the progress. ♥

What happens during the appointment?

First, we will do thorough investigation of signs and symptoms of the present situation. Please keep at hand all your feeding and baby stats.

Second, a physical exam of you and the baby will be done as it is important to complete the information provided on the first step.

Third, we will evaluate the feeding. The latch, feeding position and the capacity of the milk transfer of your baby among others.  

Lastly, we will inform you of our findings as we do the exam and a personalized care plan will be  created for your needs. ♥

Should we weight the baby?

Yes, this is important to weight the baby as this an information required for our evaluation.

Make sure to you free a place for the scale.


What happen if the visit extends?

We understand that babies can be super cooperative and at times they could be too sleepy to wake up and perform.

We will try to accommodate you.

For any extra time, you will be charged $2.5 per minute. 

Do I need a second visit?

Depending on problem, some problems DO requiere a second visit, others problems require more visits with a new plan of action in order to prevent more problems.

Remember you are not alone, We will support you from distance! ♥

Where should we do the homevisit?

You may choose the area in your home where you feel is best for you. We will accommodate.

Please make sure a table or free flat area is available as to place the scale and a chair for us to sit. ♥

Do I need to perform a surgery on my baby?

There are many factors that influence the decision to do a Surgery.

We prefer to implement certain actions before advising an invasive surgery. Also, we will provide you with accurate scientific information.

Our policy is to avoid surgery IF NOT needed. Speak to your consultant. ♥

Does my baby need to do bodywork?

Due to the position in the womb or the pressure build during labor, some babies do have some tension build in their neck. 

This tension may have an impact on your latch and/or head molding. ♥

Do you recommend a professional for the surgery ?

We prefer to be impartial, but as we have experience working with certain professionals, we have created a list with their names.

If needed, we will give you access to this list during the appointment.♥

Which pump is best for my needs?

As a new parent lack of sleep is your new NORM!

Time efficiency is priceless.

For this reason, WE RECOMMEND a double pump, regardles of the brand.

Though under CERTAIN circumstances, we may ask you for a “HOSPITAL GRADE double-pump”. Ask us! ♥

Should I take breast-milk-herbal stimulants?

Herbal stimulants are the 2nd line of treatment to a low-milk-supply, but not all of them are right for you.

It is important to find out the MAIN UNDERLYING cause of you low milk supply.

>> Effect time may vary from one woman to another. Speak to your consultant before starting one. ♥

Post-partum nurse or Lactation consultant?

IF you are a NON-resident, you will not have access to CLSC services.

For this reason, you should choose a postpartum visit as it is important to have a full evaluation of the mother and baby. 

Night nurse?

If you are struggling with your baby demands and you are exhausted. It is important to seek for help. 

What does a night nurse do?

A night nurse is meant to help you breastfeed or wake you up to express your breast while she would take care of your baby.  

You hire this professional to maximize your sleep time without compromising you choice to feed, nor your milk production. ♥