A tongue-tie or Aknyloglosia affects approximately 2% of the population, Yet, here in Canada as more women are breastfeeding Ankyloglossia is a subject that is more frequently mentioned in the first newborn check-up.
As the demand for a revision or frenectomy has increased Dentists and Drs are learning more about breastfeeding problems, about ties as well as learning how to release a tie.
As we focus on identifying a TIE, we must acknowledge that depending on the degree of the tie, multiple layers of problems build, like a DOMINO EFFECT!

For example:

  • On the baby’s side, a tie will restrict a proper milk transfer, this may lead to poor weight gain and the baby may need to be supplemented. A supplemented baby is at risk of nipple preference, yes, PREFERENCE!!! Babies ain’t stupid to bet confuse.
  • On the mother side, a tie may also CAUSE a poor latch leading to nipple pain, nipple damage, Raynaud’s, infrequent feeds due to pain, and/or the reduction of milk supply.

As you see, the tie itself is not the only problem, and doing the surgery before seen an IBCLC is not recommended.

It is important to identify the other problems before thinking about surgery, as the release alone will not solve the other problems magically. Instead, it will lead to other problems making the transition much harder for both mother and baby increasing distress on both mother and baby.
Yes, paying an IBCLC is expensive! But, if you think about the amount of money that you will spend on formula, bottles, electricity, and excessive diapers. Ah, let’s not forget about parental absenteeism at work and sick days! I will say that the IBCLC fee is pretty reasonable.
An IBCLC will also guide you and teach you how to encourage your baby to do a proper suction! She will show you how to prevent nipple damage and most importantly will accompany you throughout the rough transition. If it is the case. This is something that no Dr will be able to do because it is not their specialty.
An IBCLC is there to encourage you, to remind you that what you are experiencing is normal, and to encourage you to not give up when the ups & downs happen.
We are here to help you to THRIVE!!
Rosa Zamudio Inf, IBCLC former MW.
SOS Maman